Alice Day

Marceline and Alice Day2Name: Alice Day
Birth Name: Jacquiline Alice Newlin (There are numerous references online to this first name, but I have yet to find hard proof. The 1910 census lists her name as Alice.)
Born: November 7, 1906, CO
Father: UNKNOWN Newlin
Mother: Irene M. Freeman aka Irene Day (1886-1961)
Siblings: Silent screen actress Marceline Day
On-Screen Active Years: 1923-1932
She married wealthy broker, Jack Cohn, in an extravagant wedding in Santa Barbara in 1930. They had two children, Richard Buschke Cohn (1931-2002) and Gary Buschke Cohn (1933-living?). The union ended with a lengthy court battle over custody of the children and allocation of property. In 1953, Richard legally changed his name to Richard Newlin Day. Little seems to be known about her second husband. His surname was Hawkins and that is the name that Alice was using at the time of her death.
Started out as a Mack Sennett Bathing Beauty
WAMPAS Baby Star of 1928
Died: May 25, 1995, Orange, CA
Age: 89
Cause: natural causes
Interred: n/a
1932 Gold

1932 Two-Fisted Law

1932 Love Bound

1931 The Lady from Nowhere

1930 Viennese Nights

1930 Hot Curves

1930 Ladies in Love

1930 In the Next Room

1930 Melody Man

1929 The Love Racket

1929 The Show of Shows

1929 Little Johnny Jones

1929 Is Everybody Happy?

1929 Skin Deep

1929 Times Square

1929 Drag

1929 Red Hot Speed

1928 The Way of the Strong

1928 Phyllis of the Follies

1928 The Smart Set

1927 The Gorilla

1927 Night Life

1927 See You in Jail

1927 A Dozen Socks (Short)

1927 The Plumber’s Daughter (Short)

1927 Pass the Dumplings (Short)

1926 The Waiter from the Ritz

1926 Kitty from Killarney (Short)

1926 Hesitating Horses (Short)

1926 His New York Wife

1926 Should Husbands Marry? (Short)

1926 The Perils of Petersboro (Short)

1926 Her Actor Friend (Short)

1926 Alice Be Good (Short)

1926 Puppy Lovetime (Short)

1926 The Ghost of Folly (Short)

1926 A Love Sundae (Short)

1926 Spanking Breezes (Short)

1926 Gooseland (Short)

1926 Hot Cakes for Two (Short)

1925 Hotsy-Totsy (Short)

1925 The Soapsuds Lady (Short)

1925 A Sweet Pickle (Short)

1925 Love and Kisses (Short)

1925 Cold Turkey (Short)

1925 Tee for Two (Short)

1925 Bashful Jim (Short)

1925 The Beloved Bozo (Short)

1925 Honeymoon Hardships (Short)

1925 The Plumber (Short)

1925 The Sea Squawk (Short)

1924 Off His Trolley (Short)

1924 The Reel Virginian (Short)

1924 Riders of the Purple Cows (Short)

1924 Little Robinson Corkscrew (Short)

1924 East of the Water Plug (Short)

1924 The First 100 Years (Short)

1924 Romeo and Juliet (Short)

1924 His New Mamma (Short)

1924 The Cat’s Meow (Short)

1924 Flickering Youth (Short)

1924 Shanghaied Lovers (Short)

1924 Secrets

1924 Picking Peaches (Short)

1923 My Pal (Short)

1923 The Temple of Venus

Alice Day

Marceline Day

Sisters Alice and Marceline Day

Sisters Alice and Marceline

Name: Marceline Day

Birth Name: Marceline Newlin
Born: April 24, 1908, Colorado Springs, CO
Father: UNKNOWN Newlin
Mother: Irene M. Freeman (1886-1961)
Siblings: Silent screen actress Alice Day
On-Screen Active Years: 1924-1933
She married fur dealer, Arthur J. Klein in 1931. After divorcing him, it is reported that she married John Arthur in 1959. I can’t find any records regarding this marriage. She reportedly never had children. Marceline was very private about her personal life and didn’t grant interviews after she retired from acting in 1933.
WAMPAS Baby Star of 1926
Died: February 16, 2000, Cathedral City, CA
Age: 91
Cause: natural causes
Interred: cremated
 1933 The Fighting Parson

1933 By Appointment Only

1933 The Flaming Signal

1933 Damaged Lives

1933 The Telegraph Trail

1933 Via Pony Express

1932 The Crusader

1932 The King Murder

1932 Broadway to Cheyenne

1932 Arm of the Law

1932 The Fighting Fool

1931 The Pocatello Kid

1931 The Mad Parade

1931 The Mystery Train

1931 The Sky Raiders

1930 Paradise Island

1930 Hot Curves

1930 Sunny Skies

1930 Temple Tower

1930 The Voice of Hollywood No. 9 (Short)

1929 The Show of Shows

1929 The One Woman Idea

1929 The Wild Party

1929 Trent’s Last Case

1929 A Single Man

1928 Stolen Love

1928 Restless Youth

1928 Driftwood

1928 Freedom of the Press

1928 The Cameraman

1928 Detectives

1928 A Certain Young Man

1928 The Big City

1928 Under the Black Eagle

1927 London After Midnight

1927 The Road to Romance

1927 Captain Salvation

1927 Rookies

1927 Red Clay

1927 The Beloved Rogue

1926 College Days

1926 That Model from Paris

1926 Fools of Fashion

1926 The Gay Deceiver

1926 The Boy Friend

1926 Looking for Trouble

1926 The Barrier

1926 Hell’s Four Hundred

1926 Western Pluck

1925 The Splendid Road

1925 The Wall Street Whiz

1925 The White Outlaw

1925 The Party (Short)

1925 His New Suit (Short)

1925 Short Pants (Short)

1925 Discord in ‘A’ Flat (Short)

1925 Heart Trouble (Short)

1925 Renegade Holmes, M.D.

1925 The Taming of the West

1924 The Hansom Cabman (Short)

1924 The Luck o’ the Foolish (Short)

1924 Black Oxfords (Short)

1924 Picking Peaches (Short)

Marceline Day