Mary Miles Minter

Mary Miles MinterName: Mary Miles Minter
Birth Name: Juliet Reilly
Born: April 25, 1902, Shreveport, LA
Father: Joseph Homer Reilly (1877–1958)
Mother: Lily Pearl Miles aka Charlotte Shelby (1877–1957)
Siblings: Margaret Reilly aka Margaret Shelby
On-Screen Active Years: 1912-1923
Spouse: Brandon O. Hildebrandt  (1898–1965) Married 1957 until his death in 1965.
Her career never recovered after it was discovered that the little, blond girl with the Mary Pickford curls may have been involved in the 1922 murder of director William Desmond Taylor. Mary was cleared by the police, but her sweet, innocent reputation had been drug through the mud when it was rumoured that she had been having an affair with the ill-fated director.
Mary sued her own mother for mismanagement of her income from when she was an actress.  They settled out of court and later reconciled.
Mary became reclusive later in life. In 1981, she was the victim of a violent crime in which she was beaten in her home and burglarized. She recovered from the attack, but her health continued to deteriorate due to diabetes and obesity.
Died: August 4, 1984, Santa Monica, CA
Age: 82
Cause: heart failure
Interred: cremated, ashes scattered in Santa Monica bay
1912 The Nurse (her debut film, credited as Juliet Shelby)
1915 Always in the Way
1915 Barbara Frietchie
1915 Emmy of Stork’s Nest
1915 The Fairy and the Waif
1916 A Dream or Two Ago
1916 Dimples
1916 Dulcie’s Adventure
1916 Faith
1916 Innocence of Lizette
1916 Lovely Mary
1916 Rose of the Alley
1916 Youth’s Endearing Charm
1917 Annie-for-Spite
1917 Charity Castle
1917 Environment
1917 Her Country’s Call
1917 Melissa of the Hills
1917 Peggy Leads the Way
1917 Periwinkle
1917 Somewhere in America
1917 The Gentle Intruder
1917 The Mate of the Sally Ann
1918 A Bit of Jade
1918 Beauty and the Rogue
1918 Powers That Prey
1918 Rosemary Climbs the Heights
1918 Social Briars
1918 The Eyes of Julia Deep
1918 The Ghost of Rosy Taylor
1918 Wives and Other Wives
1919 A Bachelor’s Wife
1919 Anne of Green Gables
1919 The Amazing Impostor
1919 The Intrusion of Isabel
1919 Yvonne from Paris
1920 A Cumberland Romance
1920 Eyes of the Heart
1920 Jenny Be Good
1920 Judy of Rogue’s Harbor
1920 Nurse Marjorie
1920 Sweet Lavender
1921 All Soul’s Eve
1921 Don’t Call Me Little Girl
1921 Her Winning Way
1921 Moonlight and Honeysuckle
1921 The Little Clown
1922 South of Suva
1922 The Cowboy and the Lady
1922 The Heart Specialist
1922 Tillie
1923 Drums of Fate
1923 The Trail of the Lonesome PineMary Miles Minter