Dorothy Dwan

Dorothy DwanName: Dorothy Dwan
Birth Name: Dorothy Belle Ilgenfritz
Born: April 26, 1906, Sedalia, MO
Father: Charles Melvin Ilgenfritz (1885-1942)
Mother: Nancy Dorothy Wallace (1886-1943)
Siblings: none
On-Screen Active Years: 1922-1930
She married actor/comedian Larry Semon in 1925 and they were married until his death in October of 1928. She married Paul Northcutt Boggs Jr. in 1930. They had one son together, Paul Worthcott Boggs (later know as Paul Boggs Crikelair) (1931-2010). She and Boggs divorced in 1935. Her last husband was Fred Buckels. Not much is known about this marriage, but it is reported to have ended in divorce. Her legal name when she died was Dorothy Buckels.
She took her stage name from silent film director Allan Dwan, whose work she apparently admired.
Died: March 17, 1981, Ventura, CA
Age: 74
Cause: lung cancer
Interred: n/a
1930 The Fighting Legion

1930 Hide-Out

1929 The Drifter

1929 The Peacock Fan

1929 The California Mail

1929 The Devil Bear

1928 Out with the Tide

1928 Obey Your Husband

1928 The Virgin Queen (Short)

1928 Riders of the Dark

1928 Square Crooks

1927 Silver Valley

1927 Tumbling River

1927 The Land Beyond the Law

1927 Spuds

1927 The Princess on Broadway

1927 Hills of Kentucky

1927 McFadden’s Flats

1926 The Canyon of Light

1926 A Captain’s Courage

1926 The Great K & A Train Robbery

1926 The Call of the Klondike

1926 The Dangerous Dude

1926 Perils of the Coast Guard

1926 Stop, Look and Listen

1925 My Best Girl

1925 The Perfect Clown

1925 Bashful Buccaneer

1925 The Cloudhopper (Short)

1925 The Dome Doctor (Short)

1925 The Wizard of Oz

1925 The Parasite

1924 Breed of the Border

1924 Kid Speed (Short)

1924 Her Boy Friend (Short)

1924 Sinners in Silk

1924 The Enemy Sex

1924 Those Who Dance (uncredited)

1922 The Silent Vow

Dorothy Dwan