Alma Rubens

Alma RubensName: Alma Rubens
Birth Name: Alma Genevieve Rueben
Born: February 19, 1897, San Francisco, CA
Father: John Rueben (1868-1916)
Mother: Theresa Hayes (1871-1940)
Siblings: Hazel Rueben (ca. 1892-1968)
Active On-Screen Years: 1913-1929
Married silent film actor Franklyn Farnum (1878-1961) in 1918 and they divorced in 1919. She then married screenwriter/film producer Dr. Daniel Carson Goodman (1881-1957) in 1923 and they divorced in 1925. She married silent film actor Ricardo Cortez (1900-1977) in 1926 and remained married to him until her death in 1931.
She became addicted to morphine in the mid 1920’s. This addiction resulted in treatments at multiple sanatariums. She made headlines in 1929 when she attempted to stab a nurse and threatened to kill herself. This addiction ended her career and effectively ended her life.
At the time of her death, she was in the process of suing for divorce from Ricardo Cortez.
Died: January 22, 1931, Los Angeles, CA
Age: 33
Cause: pneumonia
Interred: Ararat Cemetery, Fresno, CA
1913      Banzai

1914      Narcotic Spectre

1914      The Gangsters and the Girl

1915      The Birth of a Nation

1915      The Lorelei Madonna

1915      Peer Gynt

1915      A Woman’s Wiles

1916      Reggie Mixes In

1916      The Mystery of the Leaping Fish

1916      The Half-Breed

1916      Judith of the Cumberlands

1916      Intolerance

1916      The Children Pay

1916      The Americano

1917      Truthful Tolliver

1917      A Woman’s Awakening

1917      An Old Fashioned Young Man

1917      Master of His Home

1917      The Cold Deck

1917      The Firefly of Tough Luck

1917      The Regenerates

1917      The Gown of Destiny

1918      I Love You

1918      The Answer

1918      The Love Brokers

1918      Madame Sphinx

1918      The Painted Lily

1918      False Ambition

1918      The Ghost Flower

1919      Restless Souls

1919      Diane of the Green Van

1919      A Man’s Country

1920      Humoresque

1920      The World and His Wife

1920      Thoughtless Women

1922      Find the Woman

1922      The Valley of Silent Men

1923      Enemies of Women

1923      Under the Red Robe

1924      Week End Husbands

1924      The Rejected Woman

1924      Cytherea

1924      The Price She Paid

1924      Gerald Cranston’s Lady

1924      Is Love Everything?

1925      The Dancers

1925      She Wolves

1925      A Woman’s Faith

1925      Fine Clothes

1925      The Winding Stair

1925      East Lynne

1926      The Gilded Butterfly

1926      Siberia

1926      Marriage License?

1927      One Increasing Purpose

1927      Heart of Salome

1928      The Masks of the Devil

1929      Show Boat

1929      She Goes to War

Alma Rubens